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Letting go of something you’ve believed in all your life no matter how right or wrong it is can be quite difficult.

It could be one of the most challenging experiences you’ve ever had in your life.

Letting go of your story can be one of the most challenging efforts you’ve ever experienced.


Letting go of something you’ve believed in all your life no matter how right or wrong it is can be quite difficult.




But when you realize what you have allowed to control you and prevent your happiness or success over all these years will liberate you and allow you to prevent those stories from continuing to control you.


I have been on my own journey.  Part of my healing is helping others.



Rajesh realized that life was empty.

He did not feel connected to anyone.  Not his parents, siblings, or his friends.  This feeling had always been with him and he felt that it was normal to feel this way and that everyone probably felt the same. 


He was still able to be happy in moments but was unable to find long-lasting happiness.  There was insecurity in relationships, in appearance, in the future, and in himself. Rajesh was relatively unhappy with life. 

He then came across a book that would change his life by Brene Brown.  As most would think with a self-help book is that you read it and all of a sudden the answers appear full of happiness.  That was far from the truth, after reading this book I realized that there was something inside me that I no longer wanted to have control of me. 


So the journey began.  


After many years of training and awakening to his own beliefs and thoughts, he can recognize behaviors that no longer serve him.  This recognition is amazingly simple but the journey can make you feel like death is near. 


Primarily, because the mind has so much control that you do have to remove it to get freedom, in relative terms death of the old self.  

Most of the time we think we at our full potential when we really do not know what that is.

This is true for most.  We tend to live within our comforts and what is acceptable to us at that moment. The need for change is limited by us becoming comfortable with being OK.

So many times we compromise our own happiness. We can start to accept that it is not needed.

At that point, we prevent ourselves from ever seeing our full potential. 

I will be there for YOU

Discover what your LIFE can be
Learn why you hold onto pain

I will help you find what has been preventing you from being able to experience life the way you want.

Pain is purposeful and is protective.  Discover why you hold on to the very things that cause your pain..

Become free of limitations

Stop living life like you have no control.  Learn how your own beliefs and thoughts are what hold you back. 

Self-discovery happens with greater ease when guided through the restrictions you are facing.  Most are not able to get beyond the limiting thoughts.
What to expect?

The intent of this work is awareness.  The more aware you are of behaviours and self limiting actions, you will now have power to decide what you want to do with them.


I look forward to helping you in this journey!

Discover your greatness




My sessions with Rajesh have been just what I needed each time! After my first session, I was walking taller and breathing deeper than I had in a long time.

He is very intuitive and can help you identify the source of your pain whether it be emotional and/or physical.


Using a variety of methods has helped bring pain relief and increase range of motion and mobility in my notoriously tight hips and shoulder. I’m so thankful!


I have always know that the mind and body are connected but this was this first time I have experienced physical therapy to incorporate both.

I went to address some nerve pain I was having in my right arm, a problem I have had for years. Rajesh quickly found the problem to be starting in my neck and then after a few mins asked if I was carrying a lot of emotional weight recently. In fact I was! There had been much chaos in my life and I was holding the stress of it all in my neck as I was trying to be strong and hold it all together for my family.

We quickly transitioned from physical work to more emotional work that incorporated metal bowls and drumming vibrations on my heart. He lead me through a meditation and so much energy was released. I cried and got calm. I was not expecting this whatsoever.



I've been a dancer for 19 years and have always used a foam roller to release, but Rajesh’s technique is far superior and I would highly recommend it!


I really loved the Tibetan singing bowl too. He used it at the very end of my session to help me get started with my own emotional healing. I’m not sure exactly how to describe it, but it was sort of like a guided meditation.


The bowl was on my heart and he was speaking exactly what I needed to hear. It was so cool and I definitely felt emotional, but in a good way, like a sort of letting go, the openness of my heart, a lot of love type of way.




You can choose change or you can continue to wonder what life could be like

Here is what you can expect from me.


I value you and your journey. I will try to support a safe environment through your self-discovery.

This is your journey.  I will help you through the sticky uncomfortable bumps in the road.  

If you made it this far, you are ready.  Now you just have to take that next step!

I am excited to be a part of your journey.

I believe in you,