At each one-on-one coaching session we will dive into understanding more about you.  Most of the time, it will be the first time that you recognize your own greatness.  By providing a safe environment, we are able to discover what makes you and how to embrace those qualities in every aspect of life. 


At each one-on-one physical therapy session you can expect Rajesh to incorporate his expert knowledge, manual therapy and manipulation skills to help your physical body function the way it is meant to be!


Also known as the Kitchen Sink, Rajesh will work on both the physical and the emotional aspects.  This treatment is very unique and highly effective in helping a person become free of their pain both mentally and physically. 

Key to Success

Discover what is limiting you from achieving everything that you have wanted in life. Stop watching everyone around you get what they want while you wonder when it is going to happen to you. The key is, it is there but your current beliefs and thoughts are limiting your success.​

3 Month Process


This package will focus on you and your success. We will dig deep to determine what is limiting you in your thoughts and actions preventing you from taking action.


The goal will be to determine what actions you need to take to obtain the success you want in life. Stop wondering what is wrong. Take action and discover a new you.

Cost: $1200 for 3 months paid in full.

$1320 paid in monthly installments of $440

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Heart Awakening

This package will be one of the most profound journeys you can take. The path to your heart is not always the easiest.​

3 Month Heart Opening Process


Most of the time a closed heart has been there for years or lifetimes. It can take time to experience change but I will assure you it is worth it.


There will be 1 visit a week for 3 months. In this time frame, there will be a self-discovery of what describes as “you”. Once we get the awareness of the blockages or barriers to feeling your heart we can focus on healing the wounds.


This process will definitely come along with struggles of the past but once you let go of the past, the future “you” can live feeling alive in LOVE.

Cost: $1200 for 3 months paid in full.

$1320 paid in monthly installments of $440

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The Kitchen Sink

Rajesh is highly trained in Physical Therapy along with being a Coach.


This package will focus on working on both the body and the mind, Rajesh’s specialty. The more you do this work, the more you realize that both are connected.


This package is the most effective when it comes to dealing with long-term issues. Each visit will include work on both the body and the mind.


Each person is different and the treatments will likewise vary according to the findings. You will learn how body pains have emotional undertones and emotions are often expressed as body pain.

Cost: $1800 for 3 months paid in full.

$1980 paid in monthly installments of $660

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Virtual Appointment $75

The virtual appointment is an excellent time-saving option.  This appointment can be used for both Physical Therapy and mind work.  

This appointment will be between 45-60min depending on the situation.  You will receive care specific to your needs at the time of the visit.  

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Self Pay Visit $150

The self-pay option is an excellent alternative for someone that does not have insurance for Physical Therapy or you are looking for mind work.  ​  Rajesh will spend between 45-60min depending on the situation for these appointments.  You will receive care specific to your needs at the time of the visit. 

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Singing Bowl Meditation $50

Rajesh has a lovely collection of Tibetan singing bowls that he often incorporates into treatment sessions.

We love meditation and enjoy sharing and creating new meditations for patients to add to their daily self-care.

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Massage with ArtiZen 

Deep, relaxing, flowing, intuitive, rhythmic..... Ashley's massages combine many techniques, including Lomi Lomi, acupressure, Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial, and more.

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