Why does your body not heal?

Have you ever wondered why when you feel that you are doing everything right when you think that nothing seems to work the way you think it should? Life can tend to get a little heavy due to your body not cooperating the way you would like it. Most of the time, when something starts to not work in the body, we try to seek out some type of fix to decrease the problem or eliminate it. This job can be very daunting, especially when we have such an information source at our fingertips. I have seen friends ask for advice on some health ailment, and it is incredible the amount of feedback there is and the variety of potential fixes. Sometimes, the mixture can be too much for someone to take in and manage.

An analogy that I have been using lately seems to help explain what I feel is one of the major causes of most physical ailments. It goes like this, imagine you are in a car, and you are driving on a dirt road, and it starts to rain. The rain is so hard that the road begins to get flooded and muddy. You need to cross the road, but you know that it is at a high risk to try it, but you have to. You went for it and was one of the most stressful and risky things you have done in a while.

After making it through the mud and flooding, you start feeling better, and you can continue on your drive. The only problem is you have been able to move on from this event, but when you step out and look at your car, it is covered in mud. In general, leaving your vehicle covered in mud could cause rapid deterioration, so you wash it. You get off the horror to see the greatness of the car.

This same event happens to our bodies. We can go through a stressful event, and our body tends to do an excellent job of holding up for you and allow you to move forward to the next event or activity. The problem is you have not cleaned the “mud”. Your body can be compromised from the stress that it has experienced and also needs maintenance.

This maintenance can happen in multiple ways by giving your body a nutritious snack or meal, rest, break from the stress, and get a massage. Anything that, for you, feels like you are “cleaning off the mud.” You are restoring yourself for the next stress of life. If the body is refreshed, then it has a more extraordinary ability to heal when needed.

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