Why do we want “Good Enough” in our practice?

I have been going through an interesting stage of my career that that shifted all aspects of my care and treatment for patients. I have a different approach not necessarily by choice but by evolution. I remember speaking to Cliff Fowler about a technique he taught me that revolutionized my practice. It was a simple technique that he had abandoned within the two years that he had shown me. I was floored. I was so grateful for the gift that he gave me and he discarded it, feeling that it did not serve him anymore. He explained to me that he came up with something better and no longer needs the other treatment. He later told me that he usually changes his practice about every year and sometimes he will abandon everything that he is currently doing and revisit some old technique that use to work fine for him and refine it to his current practice.

Not everyone is going to be able to advance and grow at the rate that Cliff did in his career but I feel that there is a significant learning lesson about the importance of GROWTH. Growth does not have a definite meaning and depending on the circumstances it is very individual to the person that is experiencing it. Some of the greatness that Cliff demonstrated was not really anything other than curiosity. He was curious about problems and was always willing to tinker and adjust his thought and techniques to the current situation.

Most of us are not able to do this due to our own self-set limits. Sometimes we find something that works and satisfies all needs at the moment. Patients get better, they are happy and you are happy. They return to the doctor singing your praises. Why would there be a need to change? You don’t want to mess with a good thing, do you?

The greatest advancements that happen in any profession or really any aspect of life tend to be on the premise of curiosity. Seeing an object or concept and wondering what can be done to make it better, faster, slower, or just right. How do I adjust my environment to complement what I want or more so, how do I adapt to the current scenario to improve overall outcomes? Once we start approaching the situation with openness for change then change will happen.

Rajesh is a Physical Therapist, who is passionate about health and wellness. He is interested in all aspects of general well being including fitness, nutrition and mindfulness. He continues to learn and grow from the profession he loves.

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