What is The Benefit of a Proper Fitting Bra?

How often are you anticipating the moment you get home and you can take off your bra and feel freedom? There is such happiness and joy that can happen in that small ritual.

Why is something that is supposed to be helpful and supportive to a woman so annoying? The main reason is typically the bra has not been fitted properly. Bras come in all shapes and sizes and so do women. The art is matching the bra with the female. When there is a proper fit there is harmony between the breasts and the bra. What does that mean? If you actually have a properly fitting bra, it is no longer a nuisance and it actually starts serving a purpose. It actually takes away stress on the body rather than causing it.

Signs a bra does not fit:

1. Indentions in the shoulders. Women with large chests require significant support. A common problem is to just tighten the shoulder straps and try to support all of the weight of the breast from the upper straps. This just moves the pressure to the upper shoulders and neck. This is why a woman can get increased pain and tightness in the upper back and neck. Fix: get more support from the waist strap

2. There is an underwire that digs into the ribs. Underwires can be great for looks and possibly function but again when support is needed, the underwire tends to push hard into the ribs and causes irritation. Have you ever had someone jab you in the ribs? This is what the underwire is doing all day. Fix: change the style of bra to prevent the pressure of the ribs

3. The breast is falling out of the cup. This may happen because of a particular look you are trying to achieve but if half the breast is falling out of the cup then there is a strong chance you are not getting the support you need from your bra. Fix: make sure you are using the proper size cup

4.The breast bounces around in the cup. This is usually due to trying to look bigger than you actually are and the breast does not fill the cup. Fix: proper size of cup.

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