The Journey of Life: Rajesh Khemraj

Rajesh has lived a life of helping others. He started off as a teenager working at a hospital helping in many aspects of trying to get patients better. Rajesh had two amazing role models that helped him see the importance of giving to others when watching his parents finding such happiness in being providers at the hospital for over 40 years.

Rajesh has been formally trained as a Physical Therapist for 19 years and has been working improving his ability to help others out of their suffering and their pain. In that journey, Rajesh realized that he needed to also get rid of suffering and pain and continued to push to find happiness. He started traveling to India and attending formal training at Ashrams. Breaking down the previous beliefs that Rajesh had was not easy but he has been able to grow as a person and as a caretaker. He has formally participated in many different avenues of training both in Eastern and Western thought and has been able to utilize both to help others get beyond themselves.

Over the past 8 years, Rajesh has learned that not only can he be free from suffering but he can help others with their own problems of the mind. The mind can be one of our worst enemies but it also can be one of the greatest discoveries that you ever can achieve. Once you see what your mind has been doing for years, there will be freedom of the control that the mind once had on you. Once you experience the freedom of the mind, you soon discover how life becomes much more enjoyable to be in.

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