Stories of the mind


Rajesh realized that life was empty. He did not feel connected to anyone. Not his parents, siblings or his friends. This feeling had always been with him and he felt that it was normal to feel this way and that everyone probably felt the same. He was still able to be happy in moments but was unable to find long-lasting happiness. There was insecurity in relationships, in appearance, in the future and in himself. Rajesh was relatively unhappy with life.

He then came across a book that would change his life by Brene Brown. As most would think with a self-help book is that you read it and all of a sudden the answers appear full of happiness. That was far from the truth, after reading this book I realized that there was something inside me that I no longer wanted to have control of. So the journey began.

After many years of training and awakening to his own beliefs and thoughts, he can recognize behaviors that no longer serve him. This recognition is amazingly simple but the journey can make you feel like death is near. Primarily, because the mind has so much control that you do have to remove it to get freedom, in relative terms death of the old self.

Rajesh has the ability to help you understand your stories that have been created over time. Once you are able to understand and recognize the stories, then you start to have control over the stories and you have the ability to heal. Rajesh is willing to take on this journey with you.

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