Skill Filter: Why Mentorship is important.

I came across this sign and it got me thinking, our own individual is the biggest limiter to our growth. We can be our hardest critic and our worst friend to yourself. Every opportunity that presents itself to us can be an opportunity to grow and shine but most of the time it is an opportunity to reject the offer and convince ourselves that “it was just not for me”. This can be because of many reasons but most likely it is due to self-doubt and fear. I am not good enough or someone else will be better at this than me.

But what happens when we allow others to limit our growth? I came across this sign on a bike ride about 3 years ago. I looked at it and immediately got intimidated. I questioned do I have the “Skill” necessary to enter that trail. I walked over to the jump and immediately got nervous and thought about every potential of failure. I could wreck. I could break something or get really injured. I never really saw any potential that this could be a fun, possible jump for me. The sign erased any potential hope I would try that jump for another two years. When I finally took the jump 2 years later, seeing it multiple times a month challenging me, it was amazing. I was filled with adrenaline and pride. Then as I calmed down, I realized it was not that hard and tried it again and again. It was actually fun.

The learning experience. My son saw the sign for the first time and started to build up the same limitations. I then tempted him with a bribe to try it. He started to consider it but was getting ready to back out. I then said I would do it and he could see what it looks like. I did it and he was excited. I told him, “No matter what, do not break, just go for it.” Braking will cause you to wreck. He went for it and like I told him he did not hold back. He landed the jump with ease and even wiped out afterward. He did not care about wrecking afterward he was just so excited he landed the jump.

Why did he do a jump in 10 minutes that took me 2 years to do? I can attest that I ride a lot more than him and should have greater skill than him. I feel that it is simple. First off, someone believed in him. He had confidence in himself and any doubt was erased by someone that he trusted as a mentor. As a mentor, we help erase the roadblocks to your success.

A mentor will get you through the skill filters at lightspeed.

About the author,

Rajesh is a Physical Therapist, who is passionate about health and wellness. He is interested in all aspects of general well being including fitness, nutrition and mindfulness. He continues to learn and grow from the profession he loves.

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