Singing Bowls for Stress Control

Singing bowls have been used for Centuries in many eastern cultures for a variety of reasons. It has been reported that the bowls can help with the healing of many ailments and re-align energies of the body. Some cultures will use the bowls as their primary healthcare, using them to manage the illness.

I use the bowls commonly in the clinic to help patients manage stressful situations. For example, imaging there is a loss of work, illness, relationship issues all at the same time. At any point in time, each one of these can take a significant amount of time to manage and clear from it affecting the person. With the bowl, there is an ability to free the mind of all the issues for a short period. Even though it is a short time, the effects can provide lasting results.

The bowls help calm the mind, and there is an ability to free yourself of the thoughts that are causing the stresses of life. The patient can fight the process unknowingly. They continue to engage the mind and prevent the bowls from working. This is, most of the time, a protective mechanism from the unknown. If the patient can overcome the resistance, then they can finally calm the mind.

A session of just a few minutes can leave a person saying they feel drunk. It took me a while to understand this, but what I realized was the only other time they have felt the freedom of the mind is when they are drinking or using some type of substance to calm the mind. They are not genuinely drunk. They are just free of the thoughts removed from the mind, typically when they are drunk.

If you have a lot of stress in your life and you would like to get some freedom, don’t hesitate to call Rajesh for a consultation and free yourself from life stressors.

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Rajesh is a Physical Therapist and Life Coach who is passionate about health and wellness. He is interested in all aspects of general well being including fitness and mindfulness. He continues to learn and grow from his patients and the profession he loves.

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