Running is great or is it?

The more

people discover they need to be healthier or get in shape, there is an increased search of how to get the best exercise modality to get the results you want. There are many options when it comes to fitness. Some activities are isolated to a gym like lifting weights or going to a rock gym. These activities require specific equipment that requires you to go there to workout. Other activities including running, swimming, and biking are all outdoor activities and can be done virtually anytime. More and more I am encountering people with debilitating injuries due to some of these activities. I am going to talk about running because that seems to be one of the greatest injury rates that I encounter in the clinic.

Running is great. It is easy to do. Just make a decision that you are ready to run and throw on shoes and go. It is about that easy and you are doing it. You can pretty much run anywhere you are. If you are traveling or working, it seems that runners can always find time to get their runs in. So why are there so many injuries when it comes to running?

First off, what kind of injuries am I talking about. Overuse. Tendonitis usually tops the list when you are talking about running. Usually, people are working on increasing their fitness and trying to meet the goals that they have set. There is usually pain involved with any training that you do and most athletes learn how to deal with a certain amount but somewhere there becomes a confusion of “good pain” and “bad pain”. How much pain should you tolerate before you change what you are doing?

A goal in running is almost always present. It usually starts off with a beginner’s fun run to 5k, then a ½ marathon, and then a full marathon. If all of that goes well then there are ultramarathons. Goals are great and purposeful but what happens when the goals do not work out with your body. What if in theory everything you are doing is correct but you are having injury after injury. ~Rajesh Khemraj, PT

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