Moderna vs. Covid

A great article released by the Ne

w England Journal of Medicine Dec 30, 2020 presents an effective rate of the vaccine, 94.1% efficacy at preventing Covid-19 illness to be exact.

"Between July 27, 2020, and October 23, 2020, a total of 30,420 participants underwent randomization, and the 15,210 participants in each group were assigned to receive two doses of either placebo or mRNA-1273 (100 μg) (Figure 1). More than 96% of participants received the second dose (Fig. S1)" In the science world that is an amazing retention rate of participants.

Comparatively, the flu vaccine has a 59% efficacy rate. This is great and promising news. Most negative news has been comparing this vaccine to the flu vaccine and the science is showing that it is significantly more effective at this time.

Rajesh Khemraj, PT

Mind Body Therapy

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