Have you ever felt like everyone is against you?

Most people have struggles in life no matter how big or how small. It is how we see it and manage it that determines our abilities to overcome the limitations. Sometimes these limitations or struggles can be so consuming to a person that they can not see beyond the challenge it gives. Rajesh knows this too well. He too faced many struggles but did not realize at the time that the biggest struggle was accepting himself.

Rajesh was formally trained as a Physical Therapist. He did not do great in school and the lack of excellence limited his belief in his own skills. That lack of belief pushed Rajesh to continue training, not because he just wanted to learn, he felt that he needed to catch up to his peers. There was always a sense of not good enough. Rajesh moved to get closer to one of the most difficult training programs for Physical Therapist post-graduate. He believed that if he could complete that training, then he may be good enough. Rajesh pushed through the training and did not realize along the way the gifts he was bringing. He had mentors that everyone else craved attention from.

Mentors that saw his potential and basically tried to give him every opportunity to advance. He was invited to advanced training, instructor meetings and even personally invited by the founder of the group to be a part of the group as an instructor. Unfortunately, Rajesh was oblivious to the fact that he was talented and gifted.

This went on for years and Rajesh could not figure out why he could not achieve success. He felt like he would almost make it and then fail. This cycle would repeat all through his career. He would take on grand opportunities and not see that the opportunities were wanting him and his skills. This lack of understanding of his gifts became a type of hell for Rajesh. He could not understand why he was not progressing as he thought he should.

What Rajesh could not see is he did achieve all the goals that he had ever wanted. He had walls filled with accomplishments and opportunities given. He spent time working with some of the greatest therapists in the world but still felt inadequate. Rajesh had it all. Support of family, friends, and colleagues but that was not enough. He did not have the support of himself. He did not realize his own talents and gifts. It was not until he could start accepting himself did he start seeing his own greatness. It was not until then, did he realize the importance of vision. Being able to see your own abilities and greatness is the only way to experience your own potential.

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