Believing in yourself…

Sometimes actually most of the time we are blessed with gifts and skills that we are unaware of or lack the ability to access them due to our own disbelief in ourselves. This disbelief can be deep-seated in our psyche that we may never even try due to the inability to see that there is any potential within yourself.

I received an award from a large company that employs many physical Therapists, 100’s. One year I was awarded an award called the “Clinical Excellence”. It was a prestigious award within the company that is reserved for a clinician that they believe is demonstrating abilities above and beyond their expectations. I did not realize that it was not like they were just giving me a pat on the back or trying to make me feel good about myself. They have an annual meeting for the clinical directors and shareholders that I was invited to receive the award. My current supervisor had to even prepare me that this was a big deal and that I was expected to wear a suit.

All of this was suspect for me. I was not doing anything special. I did my job treating patients as I normally would. Eventually, the rest of the staff would use me as a mentor because I had over 10 years of experience and most of them were new graduates. So again that seemed to be normal to me. I would end up seeing approximately 2-4 patients extra a day helping the other staff with their patients. I was not doing anything extraordinary. Actually, I was doing the opposite. I was known to have fun with my patients telling them stories and showing them the new cool video that I found on Youtube. My work was easy for me and I tried to focus on enjoying it and making sure I was having fun doing it.

I went through a formal presentation and received the prestigious award. To be honest I was still in disbelief enough I was more interested in what they were going to be eating rather than recognizing what they were trying to offer me. I had a room full of clinic directors, board members,

and shareholders all agreeing that I was the best therapist in the company. I was able to accept the gift physically but rejected it mentally. I did not see myself the same way that the whole room of professionals saw me. That mental rejection prevented me from understanding that I had a gift, a gift that a room full of people giving me an honor did not help me see.

This inability to see my own greatness or my own gifts has prevented opportunities of doors opening fully and literally wishing I would get a chance. Always waiting for my break and wondering why I kept feeling like I was failing.

Seeing your own greatness can be one of the hardest projects you can take on in life but if you are successful abundance will start to fill your days.

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