Back Pain following Pregnancy:

Back pain during pregnancy can be widespread. A mother has developed a fetus that can be a total weight gain of 50 or more pounds. It would make sense with such rapid weight gains, and there will be problems, including musculoskeletal pain. Everything can become very achy and irritated due to this gain. But why does the pain start after delivering a child may be weeks or months following?

Pregnancy can be traumatic to the supportive structures of the mother. She can be left with a lot of loosenesses everywhere. She may be more concerned about the skin that is not returning to familiar pre-pregnancy tightness. That lack of return is not limited to just the skin, but most connective tissue that was stretched out to allow for the fetus’s growth. Ligaments, tendons, muscles, joint capsules all can be affected and result in permanent damage and stretch. This looseness can lead to instability in the spine, which leads to excessive movement and spraining of the range.

· The muscles are confused. The last memory that most of the body muscles have is trying to get the baby out of the mother. They are all dialed up to push out. If not corrected, this pushing out can lead to long-term limitations in the mother’s stability and function. This situation limits the patient’s ability to control the spine, leading to repetitive straining of the back.

· The mother does not take the needed time that is required to heal. She is consumed with the child and making sure the baby is born to care for at the cost of her health. The mother will put herself into postures and positions that compromise their spine for the sake of making the child more comfortable.

Physical therapy can be helpful in all situations. Rajesh has worked with mothers for the past 20 years and understands the mothers’ dilemmas. He can help them recover and regain a life with less pain and side-effects of pregnancy. If you feel that your back pain is from pregnancy, do not hesitate to contact Rajesh for consultation no matter how long ago.

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