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The greatest obstacle we face is our own limiting beliefs...

awareness of your habitual actions will open up the possibilities.



I'm Rajesh

I am here to help you discover your true self.  In this process, I will create a safe environment for you to explore your past behaviors that are limiting your future.  

This process can be one of the most profound gifts that you could give yourself.  My purpose is helping you discover these patterns that have unknowingly controlled your future. 

When you have awareness, you gain power over your life. 


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"For the first time in 12 years, I felt like he genuinely understood my pain and how and why it was impacting my quality of life.

Rajesh’s expertise is matched by his desire to connect with his patients and individualize his treatments. As a mother of two small children, I was impressed with the flexibility of the office, and the importance placed on repairing the body after childbirth."

—  Patty S.

Rajesh is amazing!

I am a professional ballet dancer getting ready for my busiest season dancing the Nutcracker and I hurt my neck after one of my rehearsals and could barely move it the next couple of days. Rajesh was able to squeeze me in to his busy schedule and he figured out it was actually a rib issue. He was very helpful and knowledgeable. Everyone on staff there was so friendly too. And I was back to dancing full out the very next day! I highly recommend this place!

—  Kimberly Nobriga

I have known Rajesh for many years and as a fellow Physical Therapist, Rajesh is second to none. His unique treatment approach is innovative and he makes sure each patient is treated with the care and respect they deserve. Rajesh is also a phenomenal teacher/mentor. He has helped me on numerous occasions with difficult cases and coming up with the best treatment approach. To critically think outside the box. If I was local, I would seek him out when needed. Luckily for me he is a phone call away.

I highly recommend!

— Rich Jones


Injuries are complex, and often don't respond to a standard generic approach. For advanced pain relief, we provide physical therapy tailored specifically to you and your injury.


"Really enjoyed my time working with Raj. I went to him for help with an old back injury that left me uneven and weak in certain areas. As someone that wanted to keep growing and improving in my strength at the gym, Raj's balance of bodywork and offering adjustments for strengthening exercises was the perfect fit. Would recommend anyone looking for a more holistic approach to check out Khemraj therapy!"


— Alicia Hellman



At each one-on-one physical therapy session you can expect Rajesh to incorporate his expert knowledge, manual therapy and manipulation skills, as well as belief in mind-body connection to provide a holistic approach to healing.


You are more than your injury. At Mind Body Therapy, we treat the whole person, taking a mindful approach to all the aspects of healing.



If standard physical therapy has failed you, we can provide a new strategy for relief. We understand and address the complex nature of your injury and have a proven track record of success in pain relief.

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I assure you that this journey will be life-changing.  It will also be one of the scariest things you try to take on.  You are trying to change something that has been there your whole life, that can be challenging. Click here to learn more about the process you are about to take.