Rajesh is unique in his ability to find the root of your problem. His experience and intuition allows him to quickly give treatment and advice on how to  move forward with your health. Rajesh has 20 years of experience working as a physical therapist, which translates as seemingly unending knowledge of western medicine. He doesn’t need a computer to look up how to treat your problem, he already knows how to treat it and most likely has had experience with treating it personally. 

What also sets him apart from other therapists is how

he incorporates other treatment modalities such as

meditation, tibetan singing bowls, cupping, and life coaching.

Come see Rajesh for a complete mind and body healing experience!


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Holistic Health

Mind and Body integrative physical therapy



Injuries are complex, and often don't respond to a standard generic approach. For advanced pain relief, we provide physical therapy tailored specifically to you and your injury.


"For the first time in 12 years, I felt like he genuinely understood my pain and how and why it was impacting my quality of life.

Rajesh’s expertise is matched by his desire to connect with his patients and individualize his treatments. As a mother of two small children, I was impressed with the flexibility of the office, and the importance placed on repairing the body after childbirth."

—  Patty S.

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At each one-on-one physical therapy session you can expect Rajesh to incorporate his expert knowledge, manual therapy and manipulation skills, as well as belief in mind-body connection to provide a holistic approach to healing.


If standard physical therapy has failed you, we can provide a new strategy for relief. We understand and address the complex nature of your injury and have a proven track record of success in pain relief.



You are more than your injury. At Khemraj Physical Therapy, we treat the whole person, taking a mindful approach to all the aspects of healing.



Cupping is an effective technique for loosening tight muscles and providing longer-lasting muscle relief.

Manual Therapy

One-on-one therapy that involves accurate diagnosis which enables us to immediately treat the cause of your problem with hand-on techniques.



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